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 Bobby Boogaloo!

Bobby Boogaloo loves to sing his inspiring songs for kids of all ages!

He has quickly become one of Canada's most in-demand children's musicians and entertainers, performing at schools and events across the country.

While performing with his "grown-up" band, Bobby received many suggestions that he should begin writing and performing for kids as well as adults. In the summer of 2005 he began creating songs and programs for kids and has never looked back.

Bobby Boogaloo wins the hearts and minds of children and adult audiences alike with his rare ability to write and perform catchy, fresh, and fun music, combined with his witty and animated sense of humour, philosophic outlook, and his deep sense of caring for the people and world around him. He truly fuses many diverse talents together in his quest to inspire and entertain.

His first kids album, entitled "Kids Have Character", is now available and receiving excellent response. It is based on the songs he has written and performs in his "Kids Have Character" School Concert Program. This program has become highly regarded as an excellent and fun way to support schools' Character Education and Social Responsibility programs - all with the power and joy of music.  

Bobby’s next CD is to be called “Family Boogie Party” and will feature his best party and dance-along songs for the whole family.  Many of these songs are also songs he plays with his “grown-up” band and so should appeal to the whole family!  Stay tuned for release information when it’s ready to go!

Since 2006, Bobby has written, performed, and recorded over 200 songs with over 30,000 students at schools across Canada through his hugely popular School Song Workshop and SongPower Residency Programs (he also written over 300 songs on his own). In these programs, Bobby works with kids to brainstorm, write, perform and record brand new songs based on the positive values of their school (School Song Workshop) or a particular "character" value or virtue (SongPower Workshop).

Bobby himself is the quintessential "big kid", with an energetic and enthusiastic love of music, wordplay and good times. His timeless nature is beautifully shown through his upbeat songs, but in the midst of the joy we might also find his ideas most thought-provoking…

There are songs of gratitude, respect, courage, persistence, and caring for the earth and each other. But above all else, Bobby Boogaloo's "learn through play" songs are focused on honouring, exploring and expressing the free spirit within each of us.

A concert or workshop with Bobby Boogaloo is sure to be a memorable experience that will leave a smile on your face, a song in your heart, and a bit of "Boogaloo" in your brain.