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More About
Bobby Boogaloo!

Here’s a bit more about the “Bob” behind Bobby Boogaloo:

Bobby Boogaloo (aka Bob Cook) is a prolific singer-songwriter and comedic improv actor who gets a kick out of hamming up song, dance, and humour for big little people and little big people alike.

A natural and affable performer as well as a gifted songsmith and comedic character improvisor, Bob has the unique ability to connect with an audience on many levels.

As a musician he was written over 500 songs and recorded 7 albums both on his own and with his "grown-up" band "Bob Cook & The Mucho Nada Party". The music they play spans across many genres from roots and rock to reggae, soca, ska and african soukous styles. They have had much success performing at many venues and festivals throughout Alberta and B.C. They have released an album entitled Forget What You Herd.

Bobby also uses his band for some of his “Bobby Boogaloo” kids shows for a wild, fun, energetic real “Rock Concert” feel (the kids LOVE it!).  

As a comedic improv actor Bob has created and performed many off-the wall characters while working with Scheme-A-Dream and Skitrow Productions. He has studied comedic improv acting with the renowned Second City (SCTV) in Toronto.

Bob also created and played the "lead" role in a musical Christmas production for children as none other than Singing Santa. He also spent a Christmas season performing as Father Christmas at one of Edmonton's premiere Santa hangouts (the mall).

On the side, Bob operates his own recording studio and has produced many projects, including a kids' album for the Children's Educational Safety Society, as well as a children's musical book CD which was written by his wife Haley Simons (a DMus concert pianist), with music created by both Haley & Bob.

Bob lives in Edmonton, Alberta with his family, and loves travelling!