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written at each of the schools:

Afton School - Edmonton, AB

AB Daley School - Nanton, AB

Centennial School - Wetaskiwin, AB

David Ovans School - Sangudo, AB

Exshaw School - Exshaw, AB

Fort Assiniboine School - Fort Assiniboine, AB

Harbour View School - Coquitlam, BC

John Paul I School - Edmonton, AB

Julia Kiniski School - Edmonton, AB

Seaview School - Port Moody, BC

Smith School - Smith, AB

Tumbler Ridge School - Tumbler Ridge, BC

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Julia Kinsiki School

Edmonton, AB

January 15-30, 2007

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Honesty Through The

Whole Wide World

Julia Kinsiki School - Grade 1 - Schiltroth

Song Subject: HONESTY


Honesty through the whole wide world

Makes it a better place

For everyone - you and me

You can see the truth on our face

Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa….

When I tell the truth I build trust

To make friendships trust is a must

Honesty's the best policy

The truth will set us free


Telling the truth begins with me

Life is awesome when we live honestly

So tell the truth in everything you do

Then the truth will live in you


Try To Put Yourself

In Another Person's Shoes

Julia Kinsiki School - Grade 1 - Jarmolicz

Song Subject: EMPATHY


Try to put yourself in another person's shoes

To feel what it might feel like to do the things they do

To lift them up high and pull them out of the blues

So try to put yourself in another person's shoes

Their shoes may be wide

Their shoes may be round

Their shoes may be as big as a clown's

But we can still try to understand how they feel

By walking in their shoes from toe to heel


They may be purple

They may be red

They may have banana boots or sandals instead

But we can still try to understand how they think

By trying out their skates at the skating rink


I Say What I Say

Julia Kinsiki School - Grade 2 - Volcan

Song Subject: COURAGE


You say what you say

But I say what I say

I make up my own mind

And think for myself (repeat)

When someone's trying hard to learning something new

We can help encourage them to do the things they do

The words we choose can be full of power

To help every seed grown into a flower


We've got to be brave to rise above our fears

We can make laughter out of tears

It takes courage to stand up for what is right

When we're true to ourselves we show our might


Master of My Destiny

Julia Kiniski School - Grade 2 - Green



I am the master of my destiny

I take full responsibility

It's up to me to make the best of me

And live happy-ever-afterly (repeat)

I own my own self

The way I choose to be

The way I think, feel, live

It's up to me


I own my actions

It's great to be free

I can do it my way

If I act responsibly

Be Happy About

Who You Are

Julia Kiniski School - Grade 3 - Lamden

Song Subject: RESPECT


Be happy about who you are

Respect yourself and you'll be a star

Then spread it around - put a smile on someone's face

It starts with me to make the world a better place

When we care about each other

We can all have fun

When we care about each other

We will all be one….


I sing high, you sing low

Together we will sing in a flow

I sing low, you sing high

Together our song will fly


Give your smile away everyday

It doesn't cost a thing but it feels A-okay

Give your smiles away to whomever you meet

It feels like a sweet tweat….


Can't Have Fun

'Til The Work Is Done

Julia Kiniski School - Grade 3 - Kostyshen



When you're doing your work and it ain't no fun

And you just want to go play in the sun

Well you've gotta' dig in to be number one

'cuz you can't have fun 'til the work is done

Ooohhhh - can't have fun 'til the work is done

Fix up that bed head

Run a comb through your hair

Brush up those pearly whites

And don't forget your underwear-wear-wear-wear


Do social studies with your buddies

Read a book out loud

Bust your braincells on your homework

And when you're done you'll feel prou-ou-ou-oud


Spread the Power

Julia Kiniski School - Grade 4 - Spooner

Song Subject: COURAGE/EnCOURAGEment


Boost'em up, don't break 'em down

The words we use make the world go 'round

We can make smiles out of frowns

So spread the power through the town, uh-huh

Spread the power, uh-huh, spread the power

'takes courage to stand up for what is right

To look within and find your might

Your inner strength is dyn-o-mite

So always keep your dreams in sight


'Takes courage 'takes courage to be kind

So grow up, so grow up and use your mind

Courage is what, is what we need

To help us learn and to succeed



Will You Catch Me

If I Fall?

Julia Kiniski School - Grade 4 - Landry

Song Subject: TRUST


Will you catch me if I fall?

Will you hear me if I call?

Can we built our trust up tall

Can we be all for one and one for all?

Oooh baby…yeah…

Your friend's going on vacation

And he trusts you with his dog

Well you better feed him his puppy chow

Or he'll be hungry as a hog

Trust is a must, you must have trust


I trust you with my feelings

I lay my heart on the line

I trust that you'll respect it

Then we'll all be feeling…feeling fine

Trust is a must, you must have trust


Trust is a must, you must have trust(4X with fade out)

Operation Cooperation

Julia Kiniski School - Grade 4 - Belheumer



Cooperation-All of us together

Cooperation-Getting along

Cooperation-All across the nation

Cooperation-Singing our song

It's a symbiotic relation

A diverse celebration

A beautiful creation

All of us together in cooperation


We're waging operation peace

Our peace shall never cease

We can iron out the crease

All of us together-our wheel's got grease


It's operation----COOPERATION!!!

Thank you, thank you very much (Elvis-style)

Act Responsibly

and You'll Be Free

Julia Kiniski School - Grade 5 - Komick



Act responsibly and you'll be free

To be the kind of person that you want to be

You can do it your way, in your own style

And then you'll light the world with your big bright smile

Take out the dog for a walk

And watch the words you use to talk

And go clean up your dirty sock

And be on time to beat the clock


My friends are gone to Mexico

And I'm stuck shoveling the snow

And all I can think of is I wanna' go

But I'm gonna' be responsible


Put all your stinky stuff away

Before you go outside and play

Be kind to others everyday

And feed your horse a stack of hay


Going Up The Mountain

Julia Kiniski School - Grade 5 - Beaulieu



Going up the mountain - one step at a time

Going up the mountain - going to get mine

Going up the mountain - and I'm not going to stop

Going up the mountain - until I reach the top

Stick wit' It, stick wit' it

Stick wit' it, stick wit' it

Stick wit' it, stick wit' it - going to the top

Start at the start

Do it with all my heart

It's gonna' take all my faith

But it'll put a smile on my face (repeat)


I'm gonna try try again

I know that I can win

I know that I can do it

I can make my way up to it (repeat)


Philosophy of Unity

Julia Kiniski School - Grade 6 - Mandryk

Song Subject: EMPATHY


We are all different on the top of the sea

But when you go below the surface you will see

That we are all one big family

That's our big philosophy of unity

Yeah! Right on!

Uh-Huh! That's Right!

Welllll…. the circle of life goes round and round

And what goes up must come down

The things you put out come back to you

Life is like a boomerang through and through


You have to think like others to see the things they see

This is the magic of empathy

So take of the things you do

Or watch out 'cuz that boomerang's coming back to you

CHORUS (repeat)

Everybody Shout -


Julia Kiniski - Grade 6 - Skilling

Song Subject: PEACE


Everybody shout - peace out!

You know that's what we're all about

Take that seed and make it sprout

Everybody shout - peace out!

Peace out! Peace out! Peace out!

We need peace, we need love

Let your spirit soar above (repeat)


It's our situation

To make peace our destination (repeat)


Forgiveness comes from in your heart

It's time for us to play our part (repeat)


Thanks to all the students and staff (a big thanks to Mrs. R. for all her help during the sessions) at Julia Kinsiki School - I had a great time with you all and look forward to seeing you again soon!!!

All the best,

Bobby Boogaloo