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Please find some general booking information below.  

For booking enquiries please contact us!

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Appropriate Ages for Shows


  Booking Buddy Discounts

  BoogAlumni Discounts

  BoogaBucks$$ Fun-Fun-Fundraising

Touring Availability Across Canada Through The Year

Your S’Cool Kit

Appropriate ages for shows?

Bobby’s school concerts are most appropriate for grades K-6.  

JK’s are welcome but they don’t necessarily have to stay the full concert - just discuss with Bobby ahead of the show so he won’t be offended.  If they throw tomatoes on their way out the door he will be offended.  

Grades 7 and up are also welcome, but schools might want to consider giving them the “option” to come to the concert, with the understanding that they would be “leaders” for the school if that were the case.  If they’re “on board” as such they can actually have as much (or more) fun than the younger students.

High schools or K-12 schools might also want to consider bringing in Bobby’s full band for two shows - one for the younger kids and another for the older kids.  Bobby’s band is actually also a real “grown-up” band called “Bob Cook & the Mucho Nada Band” and can play an age appropriate show which explores music and the various instruments, beats, grooves, and the coming together of a band.  

Bobby’s public and festival family shows are appropriate for all ages from 1-100 with a little something for everyone.  Bobby is pretty adept at “reading the audience”.  

Many festivals might also want to consider bringing Bobby’s full band (which, again- is a real “grown-up” band also) to do two shows - one for the kids and one for the adults.  Please enquire for more information on this option and about Bobby’s band.


Bobby is honoured to be able to offer his programs for kids and loves to be able to inspire youth through the power of song and humour.  

School Pricing:  As schools are always on a tight budget, affordability is always a concern, and so we have special school pricing to try to help make Bobby’s programs an easy fit for your school!    

Booking Buddy Discounts!

We also offer significant “Booking Buddy” discounts when two or more schools in a district “buddy-up” to present a concert a workshop.  Each school receives the discount and the more schools, the deeper the discount!  

Travel costs are also to be considered, and can depend on whether you are booking as part of a tour or if this would be a special trip.  Travel costs to an area can also be minimalized through “buddying-up” with other schools.  Bobby is happy to travel wherever there is interest!

Please contact us for a school pricing list and Booking Buddy discounts available!

Festival and special event pricing:  Please contact us, as there are many variables to consider, including travel costs and the possibility of bringing in the full “OogaBooga Band” with Bobby!

Low Income Areas, Special Needs, Benefits:  Finally, for low-income or special needs areas or schools, Bobby is always happy to try to be available for less budget.  For benefits, Bobby is always happy to help out where possible. Please contact us to arrange a visit!  

BoogAlumni Discounts!

Return visits are so much fun!  Once Bobby has visited your school – it is now “officially” declared a BoogAlumni School… and because return visits are great fun for the kids and Bobby alike - you are entitled to a 10% discount on your next booking!  Just request the BoogAlumni discount!

If you have had a concert, you might want follow-up with the School Song Workshop or one of Bobby’s other concert programs, and if you’ve had a School Song Workshop, a follow-up concert can be a great excuse to re-sing your School Song with Bobby again!  

BoogaBucks$$ Fun-Fun-Fundraising

Bobby is pleased to offer schools and groups a significant 30% return on CD and merchandise orders as BoogaBucks$$ when placed in bulk through the school.  These BoogaBucks$$ can be used for fundraising purposes or simply to help offset the costs of bringing Bobby in.  If this is promoted strongly throughout your school community, schools can actually get their booking for very little or no cost!

Touring Availability

   Across Canada Through The Year

    (Also please see “Tour Dates” for Bobby’s upcoming and past touring schedule!)

Bobby Boogaloo's "Kids Have Character!" School Concerts, Festival & Community Concerts,  School Song Workshops, and SongPower Residencies are available throughout Canada at various times throughout the year.

Bobby loves touring and performing for kids and we will always try to accommodate booking requests as much as possible. The key is putting enough performances together in an area to be able to keep everyone's costs reasonably low - so NETWORKING WITH OTHER POSSIBLE PRESENTERS IS KEY! We also offer the "Booking Buddy" Discount Rates for this reason (contact us for rates)!

Please contact us with booking enquiries in your area!

Here are some general touring guidelines (subject to change):

ALBERTA: Bobby is based out of Edmonton, and so there is much more availability in this area and within a few hours radius. He's also in Calgary and Southern Alberta a few times throughout the year. Also regions such as Grande Prairie/Peace River and Cold Lake are available. As long as we can put a few shows together, we can schedule a mini-tour - networking with other presenters is key.

ONTARIO: Bobby usually tours through Ontario twice per year, for about 4 weeks at a time, usually in the fall (Sept-Oct) and Spring (May-June).

BRITISH COLUMBIA: Bobby is usually in the Vancouver area 2-4 times throughout the year for 1-2 weeks at a time. Usually Novemeber as well as Feb/March as well as later in the spring. A tour through Interior B.C. can happen in Spring also.

SASKATCHEWAN/MANITOBA: Bobby is planning a Prairie tour new this late spring.

U.S./INTERNATIONAL:  Please contact us.


Festival bookings are generally May-Aug and Bobby is available wherever there is interest.

Bobby is also available to perform “grown-up” shows with his regular band “Bob Cook & the Mucho Nada Band” and often performs festival shows for both audiences.

Your S’Cool Kit

”Kids Have Character!” CD
     and Study Guide

As well as receiving a copy of Bobby Boogaloo's popular "Kids Have Character" CD (please scroll below to hear MP3 samples), every school booking of the school concert includes a "Kids Have Character Study Guide" which teachers can use before and after the performance to enhance the educational impact of Bobby Boogaloo's visit. The study guide includes lyrics to songs, discussion and activity ideas, as well as Bobby Boogaloo's personal notes/thoughts on each song.

Also includes
"Kids Have Character!" POSTER

Every booking of the "Kids Have Character!" Concert now includes the full-colour "Kids Have Character!" Poster which uses the word “Character” as an acronym for many positive values! Click on poster to have a closer look!