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“Catchy, fun, witty and perfect for the entire family is a more than apt description for Bobby Boogaloo.”

     The Record, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

"Is nothing impossible for children’s musician Bobby Boogaloo? Armed with shaggy hair, a bright yellow Hawaiian shirt and an acoustic guitar, Boogaloo spent an entire week with Centennial Elementary School students... to make songs about building character and self-esteem."

    Wetaskiwin Times, Wetaskiwin, AB


"He could become another Fred Penner - a children's entertainer to be reckoned with, his relentless positivity and penchant for puns rolling out the carpet for a new generation of music-lovers.

    SEE Magazine, Edmonton, AB

"The 'Kids Have Character' school concert was a fun, educational and inspiring sing-and-dance-along that focuses on values such as respect for one's self, each other and the environment; persistence; courage; responsibility; citizenship; and thinking for oneself."

    The Lamont Leader, Lamont, AB

"Bob gave off a vibe during his silly song "Chuck the Head" that reminded me of summer camp, sing-alongs, Raffi and Valdy. Bob is fighting the good fight ... and eventually, I bet, will be shaping the minds of our nation's children."

    Edson Leader, Edson, AB

"Bob Cook is an amazing fellow and we can be thankful the Vancouver native chose Edmonton as his new home nearly three years ago. Not only does he supply a constant supply of quirky, spirited music which he calls "bomp'n'roll", but he also keeps his eyes on the world around him rather than just his own personal little sphere."

    Vue Magazine, Edmonton, AB

“Bobby Boogaloo is a music guru that has a penchant for writing songs and telling jokes that appeal to kids of all ages...  Though it can be tricky to appeal to all age groups at once, Bobby Boogaloo is a master.  Even his name makes you want to giggle... His adult band will keep the music going while he, in true Bobby Boogaloo style, will entice kids onstage to wiggle and giggle and just have a merry old time. Don’t you just love it?“

      Fort Saskatchewan Property Report, Fort Saskatchewan, AB