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“Kids Have Character!” CD

Bobby Boogaloo’s first kids CD, with songs which explore and inspire positive character values for kids such as respect, courage, responsibility, positive attitude, and more!  To hear song samples, please scroll the MP3 player above.  To read the lyrics, please CLICK HERE!   Song List:

1.  I Feel Really, Really Good

2.  You Can Be The You That You Were Meant To Be

3.  Do The Next Thing Now!

4.  O-U-R-A Canadian

5.  This Is The Song, Follow Along!

6.  The 3R Blues (Reduce, Recycle, & ReUse)

7.  Taking Care of Each Other

8.  If You Be Good To Your Body

9.  What Makes U Unique

10.  You Can Do It!

11.  Thank You

Welcome to the BoogaStore where you can purchase your very own BoogaStuff!

Bobby’s first kids CD called “Kids Have Character!” is available now!

Bobby has a new CD coming out soon called “Family Boogie Party”,
and will soon also have t-shirts, posters, MP3 downloads, ringtones, and bookmarks available , so check back!

If Bobby has visited your school and created songs with your school,
you can also order a custom-made, professionally produced copy of your school’s CD.  
To enquire about these, please contact us HERE and specify your school name.

Thanks and enjoy shopping!

“Kids Have Character!” Poster!

Bobby Boogaloo’s “Kids Have Character!” Poster is a fun and powerful way to inspire big ideas about who we are and how we treat each other!  The bigger our ideas, the bigger we live!

11”x17” full-colour, standard stock paper.

A complimentary copy is included in Bobby’s “S’Cool Kit” for school