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Welcome Teachers!

Hello Teachers - welcome to the brand “online” version of my “Kids Have Character!” Study Guide.

By putting the study guide online, my hope is to be able to add content regularly, including sneak preview and exclusive audio and video that may not be available anywhere else.

I will also be adding some fun content such as downloadable posters which students can design or colour themselves.

The notes, videos and audio are organized by song, and various songs have various themes, so feel free to scroll down and look around.

not be made available in a fixed paper format, as well as allowing multiple access to teachers at schools where I visit.  Although your school will receive a CD also, I can add more resources and add exclusive content not available anywhere else on my website.


To play videos for your classroom, you will need to hook up your computer to a projection device of some kind.  

To add:

Poster downloads - for shows as well as kid design


Songwriting video

Exclusive audio streams

Download original PDF study guide.

Make it awesome!

My intention has been to put together a fun, inspiring, and educational mix of songs with some easily singable, and sometimes danceable, hooks for kids of all ages!

Personally, I love songs.  I love writing them, listening to them, singing them, and performing them.  I’ve written over 400 of them so far – it just seems to be what I do.  I can’t explain it really, it’s just something that happens, and I honour and explore any inspired ideas that happen to “come my way”.  I know firsthand the power of song.  As a vehicle to explore a subject matter, there is no comparison to the process of writing and sharing and listening to songs.  From the earliest history of mankind, the power of song has been used to gather and inspire community and to pass along its teachings and stories.  

The common theme in my “Kids Have Character!” programs, as you’ve guessed by now, is the universal, positive values which are explored in Character Education and Social Responsibility programs.  I hope that my concerts, workshops, CD, and this study guide serve as a fun and inspiring way to help support your school’s educational goals – and that we can all have a great time doing so!

About this Study Guide

This study guide is intended to support and enhance the concert “experience” and go beyond it into and, hopefully, out of the classroom.

In this study guide, you will find for each song on the “Kids Have Character” CD:

- the themes explored in the song

- lyrics for the song

- “Bobby Boogaloo’s Notes On This Song”

- “Discussion and Activity Ideas”

- A few special activity ideas

Plus, there is a bonus section at the end on “How To Make and Play Your Own Kazoogaloo” and also “Kazoogaloo Games” to help your class create its’ very own Kazoogaloo Orchestra (see below)!

A Few Notes on Using this Study Guide:

- The songs in this study guide correspond to their track order on the CD, but don’t let that limit you!  Feel free to use whatever song in whatever order suits your needs - the themes explored in the song are at the top of each song page.

- Feel free to pause the music and reread the lyrics aloud in certain parts if you’d like to discuss the meaning of them a bit further.

- Feel free to read aloud “Bobby Boogaloo’s Notes On This Song” to the classroom.  These notes were written for this purpose.

- In the “Discussion and Activity Ideas” section, there are sometimes further notes in brackets that can be used to help “steer” a discussion.  These notes in brackets are intended for the teacher’s use.

- In the lyrics, where there are specific parts that the kids would sing along to, such as a call and response, the kids’ parts are in brackets and quotations.

- The “Discussion and Activity Ideas” section offers a few ideas, but you may not want to use them all.  Also, the song and lyrics may suggest other ideas to you that I haven’t put in this study guide (if you have any ideas you’d like to share with me, I’d like to hear them – email me at

Make & Play Your Own Kazoogaloo!

You may notice a few songs have kazoo “solos” on them on the “Kids Have Character!” CD.  Yes yes yes - it’s a fun little instrument to play, and it’s virtuosity is limited only by the imagination!

If your school likes, the kids can make their own home-made kazoos (see section at the back of this study guide) and bring them to my concert.  We can all do a special song together in a “Kazoogaloo Orchestra” fashion.  Just let me know if the kids will be bringing their kazoogaloos and I can work it into the show.

I Feel Really Really Good

By Bobby Boogaloo

Track #1 on CD

THEMES:  positive attitude, sense of humour, cheerfulness.


I feel really really good that’s really really how I feel

I feel really really good that’s really really how I feel

I feel so good today so don’t anybody try to take it away

‘cuz I feel really really good that’s really really how I feel

I feel oh so fine, oh so fine I feel

I feel oh so fine, oh so fine I feel

I feel oh so fine, so don’t anybody try to change my mind

‘cuz I feel oh so fine, oh so fine I feel

I feel in my groove in my groove I feel

I feel in my groove in my groove I feel

I feel in my groove so don’t anybody try to make me move

‘cuz I feel in my groove in my groove I feel

I feel la-di-da, la-di-da I feel

I feel la-di-da, la-di-da I feel

I feel la-di-da so don’t anybody try to make me feel “BLAH!”

I feel la-di-da la-di-da I feel


I wrote this song as a fun, simple way to declare that it is up to US to choose how we want to feel on any particular day.  There is a saying that goes “there is no way to happiness – happiness is the way”.  I like that one, and it is any easy one to forget sometimes.

There are many things in this world that are beyond our control, but the way we choose to approach it is within our control.  It is therefore up to each of us to choose our approach.  This can be called our “attitude”, and if we have an attitude that exudes positive values, it can be called a “positive attitude”.

Finally, there is another saying that goes “Angels fly because they take themselves lightly”.  I like that one too.  By taking ourselves lightly, we carry a sense of humour about ourselves and the world.  I think it is important to take what we do seriously, but try not to take ourselves too seriously… for we all have our quirks and quarks and quacks and that’s what makes life interesting!


1. What do you think it means to be “in your groove”?  What kind of activities make you feel “in your groove”?

2. Do you think it’s important to greet the world with a positive attitude?  Why?  How does this affect those around you?  How does this affect yourself?

3. What do we not have much or any control over in this world (Hint:  the weather, the news, the people around us, going to school…)?  What do we have control over (Hint: our attitude, perception, approach…)?

4. What do you think it means to have a “sense of humour”?  Do you think it is important to have a sense of humour?  Why?  (Hint: how do we feel when we have a sense of humour versus when we don’t?  Does this affect our ability to have a positive attitude?)

5. Here’s a tricky but important one:  What do you think is the difference between laughing “at” and laughing “with” someone or something, including ourselves?  Why is this an important difference?

Special Activity Idea:

Try to make up your own verse for this song.  Can you find the pattern in the lyrics?  Try to follow the pattern of the lyrics.    Start with “I feel ______ “ and fill in the blank.  Then make up a rhyme for the third line “So don’t anybody _______ “.  Good luck!

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